R-evolution [meaningless life]. Craneozoides I




 José Eugenio Marchesi (Madrid, 1963) presents in the Blanca Soto Gallery an installation belonging to his most recent project, ®evolution.

®evolution is an artistic review of our relationship with Science, myths and religion; a reflection on our most remote past.

As in his earlier work, Ganadería Científica or “Scientific Livestock” (his atypical homage to those species of animals at the service of science and man), Marchesi structures this ambitious project in different landmarks or sections.  On one side are the Paleotransformations: images of extinct hominids based on our current appearance; on the other are Relics: real, historic and religious in the form of fossils steeped in gold or mythical bones.  There are also Zoographs: taxidermies empty of all content; and last but not least, the Craneozoids.

Craneozoids I, a work that shapes this first exposition of the project, is a sculptural installation composed of thirty eight of those making their way towards the LIGHT.  There are evolved Homo sapiens and diverse extinct hominids, from the Man of Flowers, Homo erectus, Homo neanthertalensis, up to Homo sapiens sapiens and – why not – an Australopithecus.  All of these in a thoughtless race to win, just the same as spermatozoids, the bosom of the maternal ovum that guarantees survival.

The end of the race is marked by a circle of VITAL life into which all are fighting for entry which only a few are able to gain…  Suspended in the air, following the patterns of the sperm, the schools of fish or the flocks of birds in motion… definitively, the senselessness of evolution expressed in craneozoids. 


Currículum de Che Marchesi



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